Coloured and Guilded mirrors to order. Chose from a standard layout or commission a design. Includes frame.  Red wine, White wine, Chapagne flutes and Whiskey tumblers in boxed pairs. Glasses may have different Shields.  Boxed pair of Cut Crystal Flutes   Single and Double Shields on a range of decanters. Shown is a Medium plain square.     Double Shield as a wedding gift.  Small individual Shot glasses or as part of a Mini Decanter set  Red/White wine - Boxed in pairs. Boxed pair of Red Wine glasses  Full Cut Crystal Whiskey Tumblers with panel. Boxed in pairs Plain crystal Whiskey tumblers - Boxed in pairs Plate Cut Crystal Paper Weights. Also Polished Optical Crystal. Plain & Cut Crystal Tankards available. 500ml & 250ml Mini Decanter & Two shot glasses.  

Heraldic Family Shields can be engraved to order into any suitable product. 

Mirrors are engraved to order & coloured by hand.

Heraldic Shields can also be cut into polished granite plaques.

If your family shield is not in the Studio art work files then the Studio will undertake 

a limited search for your family shield art and incorporate it into a standard format 

suitable for the piece chosen for the engraving.


The Studio uses a standard art format to reduce initiation cost,

but any other format, art or layout can be commissioned.


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